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    Using SIN function with Expressions

    Dan Maczko

      I am trying to use the SIN function from Expressions that I am creating.


      SLA Category
      (values Availability-Timeliness-Completeness-Accuracy-Functionality)


      Critical: =count(DISTINCT {<[SLA Impact]={"Critical"}>}ID)

      High: =count(DISTINCT {<[SLA Impact]={"High"}>}ID)
      Medium: =count(DISTINCT {<[SLA Impact]={"Medium"}>}ID)

      Points Deducted: =(Critical *(-10)) + (High *(-5)) + (Medium *(-3))
      Category Score: =Num((1) + ([Points Deducted]/(100)),'#,##0.%')


      SLA CategoriesCritical



      MediumLowNoneRepeatsPoints DeductedCategory Score


      Score Calculation

      OOTC Score Calculation Formula
      Availability220230-3070%=((Availability Category Score * Timeliness Category Score *SIN(2*PI()/5)/2)/(1*SIN(2*PI()/5)/2))/5'
      Timeliness163530-4951%=((Timeliness Category Score * Completeness Category Score *SIN(2*PI()/5)/2)/(1*SIN(2*PI()/5)/2))/5'
      Completeness101610-1387%=((Completeness Category Score * Accuracy Category Score *SIN(2*PI()/5)/2)/(1*SIN(2*PI()/5)/2))/5'
      Accuracy003120-991%=((Accuracy Category Score * Functinoality Category Score *SIN(2*PI()/5)/2)/(1*SIN(2*PI()/5)/2))/5/
      Functionality111320-1882%=((Functionality Category Score * Availability Category Score *SIN(2*PI()/5)/2)/(1*SIN(2*PI()/5)/2))/5'



      I have tried this express, but am getting an error -Error in set modifier element function name:

      =((Sum({<Category Score={"Availability"}*Sum({<Category Score={"Timeliness"}>}*Sin(2*PI()/5)/2)/(1*Sin(2*PI()/5)/2))/5


      Any help is greatly appreciated!