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    Using an image as help text

    Henk-Jan Verkerk

      Hi all,


      Is it possible to use an image as help text for a sheet object? For example showing a diagram or other illustration explaining which data is shown in the object.


      I have already reached loading the image into qmem. But when I use this ='qmem://Img/flag' as help text, it will show me it textually, not showing the image itself.


      Perhaps it's not possible, or otherwise I must be close!?


      Help appreciated. Thanks!

        • Re: Using an image as help text
          Marcus Sommer

          Within the comment or label and so on it's not possible to display pictures. You could show pictures within table-charts by the expression-representation you enabled pictures or within a textbox which I could imagine will be come nearest to your wishes. With an expression like:


          = if(1=2, 'qmem://<bundled>/BuiltIn/arrow_e.png', 'qmem://<bundled>/BuiltIn/arrow_n_g.png')


          you could show dynamically the appropriate picture and with the same main-logic if and when you want to show the object itself by using a condition within visibility (tab layout).


          Of course your condition needs to be adjusted to your requirements, maybe with a pick(match()) on your selection-states (querying per getselectedcount, getfieldselections and so on) or by changing variable-values through inputboxes or buttons.


          - Marcus