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    User Usage Reports

      Hi Guys


      I have a Qlikview dashboard that 9 people have access to view on the server.


      Is there a report function in Qlikview that shows how many times/how long etc that each of the users have accessed the QV Dashboard ?


      Or has anyone got alternative suggestions to find this out ??



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          Matt Crowther

          Try the attached .qvw that I created based on the Qliktech Server Monitor - it loads he server log files to allow full monitoring of Server activity.


          Attached is v9 but can easily be amended to be v10 compatible.


          Hope it helps,


          Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd

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            That is indeed very thorough.


            My issue is that I have one main dashboard with many different tabs/sheets and I'd like to be able to see which tabs are being used within the same document.


            Is this possible?

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              Lauren Lee


              I use this usage file which works great.  But we have just done a server update and now a new log file has been started. So none of the historic data is imported into the dashboard anymore.  The old data is still there but in a 00 File


              I tried copying this information into the new log file, and it works for one refresh.  But on a second refresh it has started a new log file again.


              Is there a way I can also import the data from the 00,01,02 etc files?