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    RAM Calculation in QV Scalability

      Hi All,


      I have gone through the QlikView Scalability Overview document. It is very interesting.


      RAM Calculation in the documnet is given below :


      RAM = (RAMuser × No. users) + RAMinitial



      RAMinitial = QVWsizedisk × FileSizeMultiplier; this is the initial RAM footprint for any application

      RAMuser =   RAMinitial × userRAMratio; this is the RAM each incremental user consumes

      QVWsizedisk = SourceData × (1 - CompressionRatio); this is the size, on disk, of a QlikView file



      userRAMratio: range between 1%–10%

      FileSizeMultiplier: range between 2–10

      CompressionRatio: range between 20%–90%


      I would like to what is meant by "userRAMratio" & "FileSizeMultiplier" in the RAM Calculation???

      PFA RAM calculation as well.


      Thank you

      Ashok Kumar J