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    refresh rate input boxes

      Hi All,


      I am wondering if anyone else has this problem. I have a few input boxes and some of them reference to those variables.


      if i select a value from a drop down in say input box 1, a conditional list is to populate in input box 2. This does happen, but there is a noticeable delay, and usually the 2nd time i click the 2 input box drop down values does it populate correctly.


      The expression itself is very simple, its a concat function and there is essentially just one table loaded, about 10 values (inline load)


      So the expression and size of my report definitely cant be the problem. Is this a general issue with QlikView input boxes, or is there something i can do to make the refresh rate instantaneous





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          Deepak Vadithala

          Hi Byron,


          Please can you post the sample QVW file? It's easy to work with your sample to mimic the issue.




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              Hi DV,


              Thanks for getting back to me on this Attached is a QVW I started building. I am essentially going to create a workflow with user inputs and then through a do while loop create my data set which will create the cost model.


              The input box 'Mirror HC' and the first variable contains the slow behaviour I speak of. If you change the first item type and then go to Mirror HC you will see what I mean.





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              Hi Byron


              Easiest thing to try would be to set an action triggered on the variable that you are editing in the first input box. The action could be anything- just something to make Qlikview "refresh" itself and wake up. Perhaps "activate" the second input box.


              Does that work?


              Also, have you tried putting the concat expression in a variable and using that as the drop down.



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                  Well Done Erica The variable in the listed values seems to do the trick. Have no friggen idea why i didn't try this before. Probably because when my model is done I am going to have close to a 500 variables to manage. The last thing I need is more


                  But none-the-less this did the trick and at least I don't have to work with creating so many triggers.


                  I would still like someone to explain why we have to do this, when the variable itself is updated instantaneously in the concat listed value expression