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    Funnel Charts- Displaying Multiple Values on chart



      I'm having an issue with funnel charts displaying multiple values within the segments of a chart (see screenshot). It appears that the display value in chart is cascading down. For the people using the report this is quite confusing.


      These charts are designed to show the drop off in customers over a campaign, I appreciate that these funnels may not be the best way to display this information however the client has requested this format to match their corporate guidelines.


      These charts are generated by not using a dimension but by using multiple expressions and using set analysis to calculate each segment.

      These funnels worked fine until I installed Qlikview 11 SR1. As there are no dimensions the new dimension limit function is not available and you add a dimension only the first expression is displayed which doesn't allow me to achieve the effect I'm looking for.


      I have tried to create inline tables with the expressions to be able to create the chart using a dimension with no success


      Any help would be appreciated.