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    Straight Table loading logic

      Hi All,

                   i have a requirement of displaying a straight table of 7 columns in which 2 column values are dynamically changed based on one input box.

                 I set formulas for these 2 columns as Col1 * (Col1 * inputboxval / 100). this formula is working fine if i do this operation for all rows.

               i have material filter if i select one material and enter any value in input box this formula executed and table columns are updated. But if i remove this material filtration selection(With intention to show all materials), updated value in input box is applies to all (material) rows. (Please check the attached file)

              So i decided to put one Apply button. and want to execute some VBScript to do this functionality.

              My problem here is how can i bind data to straight table dynamically using VBScript ..?