With the release of QlikView 10 comes the addition of Metadata. Metadata has a wide range of uses. In QlikView, it allows to add Tags and Comments to your fields and tables (Comments only). Utilizing this new functionality will allow you to provide your users with additional information in a friendly matter.


    Tags can only be used on fields and allow you to signify attributes related to that field. For example, you could identify a field as a Dimension, a Date or a Key.

    To define a Tag in your script, use the following syntax:

    TAG [FIELD|FIELDS] field_name WITH tag_name;
    TAG FIELD Customer WITH $dimension;
    TAG FIELDS Sales, NetSales WITH $measure;



    Comments can be added to tables or fields and allow for a more detailed definition of the object. Utilizing Comments allows to define your table and field names to ease development without forcing your users to memorize what those names represent.

    To define a Comment in your script, use the following syntax:

    COMMENT [FIELD] field_name WITH comment;
    COMMENT [TABLE] table_name WITH comment;
    COMMENT FIELD GrossRev WITH 'Gross Revenue; US Dollars';
    COMMENT TABLE SalesFin WITH 'Sales with Finance focus.';


    Metadata in Your Application

    Once you have defined some Metadata in your application, there are a couple of places where it will be used.

    The first location will be Document Settings, on the Tables tab. On this tab, you will see a list of the tables loaded in the application along with the fields for a selected table. You will see a Comment column in the Tables section along with a column for Tags and for Comment for Fields. This is a great place to verify how your Metadata is working, but isn't very helpful to a user.

    The users will see you Metadata when adding fields as List Boxes and in Charts. When the user sees a list of fields, they may hover over any field to see the Metadata associated with that field.

    Making use of Metadata may be something that requires a little training for your users, but utilizing it will allow them to broaden their use of the applications.



    Download exampe file here