I´ve developed this small app for monitoring Task Execution of QVS11 Servers.


    It´s the first version and includes:

    1. Displaying max,min, avg, total errors for each task
    2. Timeline graph with total execution time (red bars indicates task errors)


    Sugestions are welcome, folks


    1.6 [02/07/2014]

    . Added a Gantt Chart (Contribution by stephen-a.redmond)


    Upgraded to version 1.5


    1.5 - [07/10/2011] -

    . Added "Setup Tab"

    . Added "Task Log Analysis"

    . Added "Log" Tab, where the log is registered

    . "Execution Time" Graph now shows:

          . Total Execution Time

          . Mean Execution Time

          . Memory Allocation of the Task

          . Free Memory Before Task Execution