OpenCPU, R & QlikView Integration Example

    At the New York Technology Summit in May 2013, I presented a different way of integrating QlikView with R leveraging extensions and other open source technologies such as Open CPU.  This new way will allow for R functions to be centrally managed via a server (Open CPU) and be easily deployed and called by  the end users by using our ajax zero footprint browser.  Basically, QlikView will call R on demand, whenever a user makes a selection within the dashboard.  My research builds upon the previous example posted by Elif Tutuk, "Integrating QV with R example" (, the example utilizes the statconnDCOM Noncommercial API as well as Brian Bauer, "QlikView and R Integration for Predictive Analytics Example" (


    My approach consist of 3 different systems integrating to each other.

    1. OpenCPU: is an initiative from Jeroen Ooms and has been implemented by Stat/Dev consulting in The Netherlands.  The implementation has been supported by a Research and Development grant (WBSO) from the Dutch government.  OpenCPU sits ontop of R and makes R a restful web service where any web technology can do ajax call to R.  The benefits of OpenCPU is two folds: a. its free b. you can use their hosted solution in the cloud (basically OpenCPU wil host your R code) or you can download the software and install it on your own ubuntu server (behind your firewall).


    2. The R-Project:OpenCPU comes package with R so no work is required to integrate OpenCPU with R


    3. An extension within a QlikView application:  The final piece to the integration is build a custom extension within your QlikView applicaiton that sends and recieve data to/from open CPU.  I have attached a zip file below that contains the following three files:

             a. opencpuClusterAnalysis.qar: contains the QlikView extension

             b. QlikView-OpenCPU demo.pdf: explains how to get the extension to talk with open CPU (using the hosted solution)

             c. QV-OpenCPU Integration Example.qvw: is the QlikView application that needs to be deployed to the QlikView server.


    Finally, below is a high level process diagram on how everything comes together.

    Open CPU Architecture.jpg