Barcode 39 with QlikView Standard Barchart (no font)

    QlikView can produce Barcodes (Encoding: 39)  itself. This little app uses the ability of a QlikView standard bar chart to draw the necessary black and white stripes to build a scanner-readable barcode


    A mapping table was required in the script (enclosed) to convert each digit/character of the code into a 13-digit binary combination (0 would be represented by 1010011011010). Qlikview splits the code into it's digits/characters so there is a new table generated with n times the number of records as in the master data (where n matches the maximum code length).


    There are also two alternative ways shown to create barcodes:

    • one using the free font "Free 3 of 9",
    • one using a website with a dynamic URL, which returns the barcode as bitmap.


    A PDF Report is included to print the different methods of creating barcodes to paper. The Qlikview barchart is the only independent method to create a barcode (the others are depending on either a website or a locally installed font)


    Checksum: There is an optional modulo43 checksum calculated. If you need, you can display it. It is one additional character or digit added at the end of the code.


    --> If you are looking to draw QR codes with QlikView see QR Codes drawn by QlikView Barchart, no extension, no webservice



    Christof Schwarz