Sample data

    You want to create a small qvw to explain a question?

    Or are you searching for sample data to do some testing?


    In attachment you can find all qvds from the following demo applications:

    Executive dashboard

    Movie Database

    Equity Sales Analysis


    Note that these Qvds are the tables of the final datamodel and not the source data tables that are used as input for the demo applications. Are you searching for the Qvds of another demo application? Feel free to leave a comment below.

    You can also find the following sample databases:

    xtreme.mdb - Xtreme Mountain Bike sample database from SAP

    AdventureWorks.accdb - AdventureWorks sample database from Microsoft which contains standard online transaction processing     scenarios for a fictitious bicycle manufacturer (Adventure Works Cycles). Scenarios include Manufacturing, Sales, Purchasing, Product Management, Contact Management, and Human Resources.

    Have fun