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Partner - Contributor

Use QDF in a shared folder

I use QDF in QlikView, using the QDF in a share folder, so many user can acces the QV app and reaload the app with new information this because the variables change when the user relaoad the app.

But when I try tu use this whit Qlik Sense, the app showme an error, ther is a way to make a Root who change the direction every time a user reload the app since his computer???

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Hi Pedro, Shared folders works in the similar way for Qlik Sense as QlikView as central storage for common files. But the difference is that in Qlik Sense the qvf files are not stored in the framework instead a LIB points to the framework and shared container, this is probably the difference that creates problems for you. Could you in more detail explain the issue and errors? Else it's difficult to help.

Best regards