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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Dissolve with Custom Polygons

Hi all,

I'm trying to use the Dissolve function with custom polygons. I am trying to dissolve the Country_Geometry to create a Sub_Region_Geometry.

I am using the demo server, but the script is failing before it makes the SQL call. 

The input table is fairly simple with 3 columns.

Data Source

Below are the values I have entered.


This is the error message that pops up.

Script Error

If I reduce the number of rows I send, the load does complete successfully. I have also tried a two dataset approach

I have seen examples of how to use the Dissolve operation but the all seem to use Location Named Area.

Any ideas where I'm going wrong?

Many thanks

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Hi, maybe it can be caused beacuse table is called 'Sub_Region_Table', but only 'Sub_Region' (without "_Table") is used in connector.
Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hi Ruben,

Good spot! Apologies, the screenshots were taken at different times. The table name is in fact Sub_Region_Table and the field is Sub_Region. This is what I have used in the Geo Connector dialogue.

I've added the code below. If I limit the load the a few countries, the load is successful and the dissolving takes place. Unfortunately the upload functionality on community is complaining about the QVD but I'm happy to share this using another method if any one wants to try.

FROM [lib://Data/Sub_Region_Table.qvd]
//Where Match(Country,'Albania','Andorra','Bahrain')


/* Generated by GeoAnalytics for operation Dissolve ---------------------- */
mapping LOAD * inline [
_char_, _utf_
"'", '\u0027'
'"', '\u0022'
"[", '\u005b'
"/", '\u002f'
"*", '\u002a'
";", '\u003b'
"}", '\u007d'
"{", '\u007b'
"`", '\u0060'
"´", '\u00b4'
"	", '\u0009'

IF FieldNumber('Country', 'Sub_Region_Table') = 0 THEN
	call InvalidInlineData('The field Country in Sub_Region_Table is not available');
IF FieldNumber('Country_Geometry', 'Sub_Region_Table') = 0 THEN
	call InvalidInlineData('The field Country_Geometry in Sub_Region_Table is not available');
IF FieldNumber('Sub_Region', 'Sub_Region_Table') = 0 THEN
	call InvalidInlineData('The field Sub_Region in Sub_Region_Table is not available');
LOAD distinct [Country] AS tmpField_0, [Country_Geometry] AS tmpField_1, [Sub_Region] AS tmpField_2 resident Sub_Region_Table;

Let [DissolveDefInlineTable] = 'Country' & Chr(9) & 'Country_Geometry' & Chr(9) & 'Sub_Region';
Let numRows = NoOfRows('Sub_Region_Table_Distinct_Temp');
Let chunkSize = 1000;
Let chunks = numRows/chunkSize;
For n = 0 to chunks
	Let chunkText = '';
	Let chunk = n*chunkSize;
	For i = 0 To chunkSize-1
		Let row = '';
		Let rowNr = chunk+i;
		Exit for when rowNr >= numRows;
		For Each f In 'tmpField_0', 'tmpField_1', 'tmpField_2'
			row = row & Chr(9) & MapSubString('_inlineMap_', Peek('$(f)', $(rowNr), 'Sub_Region_Table_Distinct_Temp'));
		chunkText = chunkText & Chr(10) & Mid('$(row)', 2);
	[DissolveDefInlineTable] = [DissolveDefInlineTable] & chunkText;

DROP tables [Sub_Region_Table_Distinct_Temp];

SQL SELECT [Sub_Region], [Sub_Region_Geometry] FROM Dissolve(dissolveField='Sub_Region', resolution='source', dissolveDef='DissolveDef')
DATASOURCE DissolveDef INLINE tableName='Sub_Region_Table', tableFields='Country,Country_Geometry,Sub_Region', geometryType='POLYGON', loadDistinct='YES', suffix='', crs='Auto' {$(DissolveDefInlineTable)}
tag field [Sub_Region] with '$primarykey';
tag field [Sub_Region_Geometry] with '$geopolygon';
tag field [Sub_Region] with '$geoname';
tag field [Sub_Region_Geometry] with '$relates_Sub_Region';
tag field [Sub_Region] with '$relates_Sub_Region_Geometry';

[DissolveDefInlineTable] = '';

/* End GeoAnalytics operation Dissolve ----------------------------------- */



I haven't used custom polygons with dissolve but it looks like having a lot of points as field value can cause the memory error when it iterates through values of temporary fields.

Have you checked if there is really a peak in RAM usage?
I would say to use 'auto' instead of 'source' but seems you get the error before that.

There could be a workaround using bucles to merging polygons in different steps but maybe it's better to wait in case other user can give a better solution.

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Yes, I think the data length is what is causing the message. My shapes are of a higher resolution then the  GA ones. 

There is a small spike in both the CPU and RAM but its nowhere near maxing out.

Yes the error happens before the query is sent to the GA server.

The phased approach could work but not sure if it would start to fail as they polygons grew.

Thanks for taking your time to look at this !



Another try can be a first step of simplify and use the simplied polygons to do the dissolve, altough you will lose some definition on maps i think it will not affect data analysis.
Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Interestingly, I get a similar error message whilst peaking up to tow 83.

The error occurred here:

row = row & Chr(9) & MapSubString('_inlineMap_', Peek('Country_Geometry', 83, 'Sub_Region_Table_Temp'))

Well, at least is consistent on that. For simplifly an iteration can work reducing datapoints in groups of countries, concatenating them all in one simplified_countries table, and use this table in dissolve.


Dissolve shouldn't be that memory intensive, any chance to see the indata?
Simplify and Dissolve is almost the same unless Resolution is set to Source.
You can try increase memory for the GA server by opening the Java tab in the Configure
Service desktop app. Changes comes into effect after restarting the service
under the General tab.

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

OK it was down to the source data, the "Russia" polygon has a length of 211,624 characters. If I do a simplify on just the Russian row I get the same out of memory error. 

I will reduce the resolution of the shape in the load script and it should work fine.

Thanks for taking a look