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Aggr in calculated dimension

Hi guys!

I've a problem in qlikview. I hope you help me!

I want to create a dimension from  a custom calendar. I only want to show some dates instead of all of dates of custom calendar.I thought in AGGR function and I used it :

=Aggr(Calendar.Week >= 40,Calendar.Week)

, to obtain all weeks older than week number 40, but doesn't work =(

Someone has idea about how to get this?

Thank you very much!


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Re: Aggr in calculated dimension


Can't you use set analysis in your expression instead of making a calculated dimension (which can be very slow) with aggr (which can also be slow).

For example something like Sum( {< Calendar.Week={">=40"} >} somevalue)


Re: Aggr in calculated dimension

=IF(Calendar.Week >= 40,Calendar.Week)

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Re: Aggr in calculated dimension

Thanks Teemu,

It has been useful for me!


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