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Certification help


I wrote Qlikview designer and developer certification exam last month, but secured only 64%. here is my report card.

Section: Gather and Interpret Requirements

Correct: 5       Incorrect: 1

Section: Identify and Analyze Data Sources

Correct: 8       Incorrect: 5

Section: Create the QlikView Associative Data Model

Correct: 16       Incorrect: 11

Section: Design and Develop the QlikView Application User Interface

Correct: 10       Incorrect: 7

Section: Deliver the QlikView Application

Correct: 6       Incorrect: 1

I attempted the online assessment and I got 80%.

I would like to write the exam again and obtain certification. Please guide me with the materials etc.

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Re: Certification help

Read the QlikView 11 for Developers Book‌ and all the blog posts of Henric‌ in Qlik Design Blog‌. Don't take the exam until you get 100% on the relevant Qlik Skills Assessments‌ and the practice exam.

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Re: Certification help

There were many questions based on ER diagrams. Have you got any inputs on that?

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Re: Certification help

hey Reshma, can you please help me understand where you got this breakup of score... even I failed the exam by 4% only and really anxious now, I am clueless which questions were wrong so that I can prepare those and reappear

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