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dynamic expression

I have a table that has aggregated fields but broken out by channel flattened out



Response = total response

OResponse = online response

SResponse = store response

I have variables that represent Online, Store and All in an inline table that is subsequently loaded into a list box. I then have a variable, vChnl, that transforms the selection into 'o','s' or null respectfully.

Instead of listing all of the aggregate items, I want to select a channel from a list box where it will concatenate 'vChnl' & Response to dynamically create my aggregate for All Response, Online Response or Store Response.

In a text box, i can create the text i.e. oResponse, sResponse, Response,  but I cant get it to replace it as an aggregate.

Text Box =  vChnl & 'Response'


1. Have user select Store, Online or All

2. Have the aggregate transform from " Sum ( Response ) " to " Sum ( oResponse ) " based on the use selection.

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