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Chart Help

Hi, I have the following view which is a Combi Bar/Line Chart with a corresponding pivot table beneath :


I have set it out like this as the user needs to see the corresponding monthly data beneath the man graph.  This is fine when it is a monthly view but the user needs to be able to drill down into a month to show every day - this then throws the two charts out of alignment,

Does anyone have any suggestions for a single object to recreate this view?? 

Many thanks for any advice


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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

Hi TJ,

a single object that does exactly what you need, doesn't exist (but you already know that...) So, we can only talk about compromises and work around solutions:

1. You can limit the Combo chart to showing only 12 items at a time (horizontal scroll bar) and then the charts will always stay in alignment (relatively speaking).

2. You can place numbers inside segments, but smaller numbers will not have enough space and won't get displayed

3. You could look into a possibility of developing an extension that does everything you need.


Oleg Troyansky

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