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Error handling in script vs file lock on LOAD

Hello, i have a little problem in my QlickView script. I'm loading data from sql (i change it to INLINE just for this example) and than save in QVD file.


in next part of script i try to load max 'BatchDate' from some qvd files (including tempTab) but not all of them have this column. i found solution on this which is using error_mode


And... it does not work 😕 script finish with error on

Store tempTab into tempTab.qvd (qvd);

without any message.

1. I cant delete tempTab.qvd without closing QlikView application.

2. When qvd file contains BatchDate column everything is fine.

For me, it seems like  QlikView on ErrorMode 0 when an exception is thrown on

LOAD date(max(BatchDate),'yyyy-MM-dd') as MaxDate from tempTab.qvd (qvd);

line, does not interrupt script but

does not remove lock on file too so i cant store anything in this file.

but this is only my conjectures.

Thanks for any help

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When i try this on my personal computer at home where i download a QlikView 12 this problem doesn't exist.  But i must use older QlikView in work

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