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Is it possible to Bundle Excel file ?


I would like to know if it's possible to bundle an Excel File (or other file format) in a QlikView application :

I need to create a specific reports based on existing QlikView Data in an existing QlikView application. There are advanced formatting needs so I cannot use QlikView reports (Too limited), So I think the best way is : 1) I display all needed data in a QlikView table 2) I paste it in an Excel File. It works well, but some of my customer are using the Local Client. So when they download the Qvw file, they doesn't have the Excel File so they are supposed to download it from another URL and I think this isn't intuitive.

I'm looking for any ideas, even incomplete to make it easier to understand

Best regards

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I didn´t understand the limitation issue in QlikView´s Report. We use it in some very complex ways here.

Unless your output isn´t static and you want your customer to navigate through the data. In this case that´s OK

What kind of client are your customers using? Personal Edition? Why don't you let them access the first QVW on a QVServer instead creating a XLS report from it, then reloading it into another QVW in your client´s machine.

There are many "architectural" choices you can use, but depends on the real need´s of what to see, where and with what flexibility and actualization frequency.

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I'meet several format problem,

such as :

- I didn't find any way to conditional height of lines in a pivot table (but my labels are sometimes very small, sometimes huge),

- Problem with conditional dimension formatting when expressions are using set analysis and the result of expressions is null (if not considering set analysis).

- Difficulties to hide the header line of a pivot table (especially border cells).

- Difficulties to add a blank line between two tables