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Specialist II
Specialist II

Need Clarification

HI All,

I have 20 QVD's.... I need whole data from 20 QVD's.

Using Concatenate i made one QVD, but it's talking more reloading time.

(Note: Few tables i have same fields)

Concatenate is make sense??

How to improve performance...???

Please give me suggestions...

Thanks in Advance....

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If you take 20 qvds data into single Qvd there are questions to be ask.

1. Will all qvd has same fields.

2. Try the incremental load onto the qvd loading and then concatenate to increase the performance.

3. Try to create to optimized qvd that will take less time to load means take only necessary data.



Creator III
Creator III

1. if there are few Dimension tables, then may be join will help.

2. choose only required field in result set

3. You can use Autonumber() function for Text Data type Keys, this may help you


If all your 20 QVDs having the same structure i.e same number of fields with same name then you can probably use '*' to load all QVDs like below

load *

From Path\*.qvd;

But if all the QVDs don't have same structure then You should go for concatenate, but question here is

What is the reason for creating Separate 20 QVDs?


Hi QV Tester,

     My Suggestion is first choose Big Qvd's which are having huge amount of data  fetch these all are into one QVW file and now

Create ur new qvw file with binary load for huge amount of data files and fetch remaining qvd's also depends on logic

Note:- Comparatively QVD's load ,Binary Load is a bit fast.

Specialist II
Specialist II

HI Kush,

I have 20 views fetching form SQL.

I need whole data. because of that i have concatenate all QVD's.

7 tables are almost same structure, remaining QVD's only 2, 3 fields same.