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Creator III
Creator III

Please help with intervals

Good day!

I am looking for the solution.


I have a table like TABLE_1 with sales contract parameters:

Client   Min_Quantity   Price

John    1                              20 Eiro

John    2                              10 Eiro

John    5                              5 Eiro

Sara     1                              15 Eiro

Sara     3                              10 Eiro



And I have TABLE_2 with exact sales data:

Client   Sold

John     1

Sara      4


I need to compare these two table in order to calculate correct price based on the following logic:

 IF John bought at least 5 Kg, his price would be 5 Eiro, 

Then IF John bought at least 2 Kg, his price would be 10 Eiro, 

Then IF John bought at least 1 Kg, his price would be 20 Eiro, 

else ... (can make Null() value right now, but in fact have to be 20 Eiro)


According to this logic, the result have to be like in Table_3:

Client    Correct Price

John     20 Eiro

Sara     10 Eiro



I need to understan, how to calculate Table 3




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