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What is Qlikview Document Versioning?

I have seen this requirement in many QV Developer positions. What exactly are they expecting from this particular req. Is it the familiarity with  different versions of Qlikview. If it is so, they want to know what different changes QV versions went through, say from 2008 to 2014 or something.... If any one can shed some light, that would be great

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Not sure.. haven't seen the post. But from a capability standpoint you can have the QlikView server host several historical version of the QVW (from previous reloads) .  There are RAM considerations in doing this. It may be worth adding a 'version' dimension to the QVW which could add data , but may compress better.


I am also not sure what is required here.

But my first guess was document versioning using a version control system like subversion:

Version and Source Control Managment with QlikView

A very simple approach could also start with the backup option in Save tab of User Preferences...

I don't think that it's a required skill for a QV developer to know the differences between all past QV versions by heart.

There are Release notes if you need to look something up.