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Creator III
Creator III

evolution for the last 24 months

Hello Guys

I need a graph that contains the evolution of my KPI for the past 24 months

here's my graph :


my expression : month(DATE_CALCUL) and date calcul has this format : DD/MM/YYYY

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Champion II
Champion II

read this post

Dates in Set Analysis


Last  24 months for what? While selection you need <24 Months? Can you describe more

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Dear Weim
I have an idea

your chart can calculate all months value but shows last  24 months (actually it has not good performance but solve your problem)
for this can  set "when number of item exceeds" =24 in presentation tab  and this macro to save scroll of chart at right the macro as below:

set chart = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01")

set chartProperties = chart.GetProperties

chartProperties.ChartProperties.XScrollInitRight = true

chart.SetProperties chartProperties

I prepare sample for u but I show the last 4 months value

hope it is helpful for u

Creator III
Creator III

Thank you Samane, will try and let you know