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partial sum problem


sorry if Im asking something easy but Im very new to QW

I have this expresion an i cant get partial sum . What am I doing wrong ?

IF(findoc_series='1101'OR(findoc_series= '1106'),1 )

Thanks in advance

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Creator III
Creator III

To be able to change the total mode First change the your chart type to Straight Table go to the expressions tab change the total mode go back to general tab and change back to pivot table. Hope that helps.

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same result as sum

I must make an explanation of the chart

'Time' is the time we have a sale

'SeriesType' is the type of Invoice

'Series No' is the No of the invoice

'Sale' is the Value of the Invoice

'Customer' in real is the rows of the Invoice='SeriesType . Thats why when we call sum we get number of rows

for example at the first img the first row of QV we have Time'9' ,    SeriesType(Invoice)'1101'  Series No(Invoice No) '1657' Sale(Invoive value) 15€ and finaly CUSTOMER ( rows with differend items in the invoice) '2'

What we try to do is to convert Invoices to Customers  1 Invoice = 1 Customer . The target is to have how many customers per hour .

Creator III
Creator III

Why don't you count the distinct invoices then.

Count(distinct [Series No])

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Its a way but i still have to exclude some Series Type because they are not all Invoices , some of them are Delivery Notes ( type 2053) that is why i ask types 1101 & 1106 to count 1

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary


Try like this

=Count({< findoc_series = {'1101', '1106'>} distinct [Series No])



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Thats right

Thank you all guys