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Digital Support

Q&A with Qlik: Making the Move to Qlik Cloud Reporting

Join Qlik Support's office-hours, recorded live, where our experts answer your questions and give more insight on our data analytics products and features. This month's topic talks about Qlik Cloud Reporting capabilities and roadmap.


  • 24:00 - Will NPrinting receive the same new features as Qlik Cloud reporting?
  • 24:51 - For data alerts, is this at a load execution level or object level, or both?
  • 25:42 - Export to csv?
  • 26:16 - Are there API capabilities for native export of data and images?
  • 27:00 - Can you create a hidden sheet just for reporting purposes?
  • 28:10 - Can slides, sheets and objects be modular? show/hide based on conditions?
  • 28:50 - How do the headers and footers work? is it an easy customization?
  • 29:55 - Plan to change Qlik Alerting from a value-add product for client managed?
  • 30:25 - Can we default all reporting app fonts to Arial at a QMC level?
  • 30:58 - Is there any limitation of volumetric? ppt size?
  • 32:19 - What type of report distribution methods will be available other than push to email?
  • 32:55 - PixelPerfect (ish) web-based PDF Report design?
  • 33:50 - In Hybrid deployments, would both solutions be needed?
  • 34:42 - Are multi-page tables supported by reporting in cloud?
  • 35:45 - When we add a note, who can see the notes? Everyone or only the one who got tagged?
  • 36:45 - What is the estimated release date of a full-fledge NPrinting replacement in Cloud?
  • 38:12 - Object Font style?
  • 39:20 - Will the add-on also be available for word or power point? may be other formats?
  • 41:07 - On Multi-cloud Environment, is it possible to RUN Reporting on Synchronized PRES (cloud distributed)?
  • 42:07 - How to achieve the N-printing report designer tool capabilities into Qlik Cloud?
  • 42:51 - If the pixel perfect design in Qlik Sense sheet will be released?
  • 44:15 - Does cloud reporting support multiple app sheets within one report page?
  • 45:30 - The new report add on will have a basic (included) version for current users and then an expanded (licensed) version?


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