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Digital Support

Q&A with Qlik: Qlik Replicate Best Practices

Join Qlik Support's office-hours, recorded live, where our experts answer your questions and give tips and best practices for Qlik Replicate. Experts share knowledge of the limitations and considerations for Qlik Replicate. This month session: Qlik Replicate Best Practices



  • 01:46 - What should be done prior to upgrading?
  • 03:50 - How to make end destination schema different from source?
  • 05:01 - Estimated release for GenAI feature?
  • 06:13 - Plans to support older SQL endpoints?
  • 06:55 - Possible to replicate Open Edge database?
  • 08:04 - How to drop a recreated table index in a task script?
  • 09:11 - How to adjust how long redo archives are kept?
  • 10:02 - How to change the ports that are used?
  • 12:14 - How to manage multiple servers with around 100 tasks each?
  • 14:23 - In AWS, what is the recommended share drive for high availability?
  • 15:34 - Should it run on port 3552 to disable legacy protocol?
  • 17:04 - Why empty rows when extracting from SAP?
  • 19:53 - How to schedule downtime for tasks?
  • 20:46 - Does Replicate support clustering?
  • 22:08 - Recommended AWS service for shared storage?
  • 23:00 - How to capture only specific operations (updates, inserts, or deletes)?
  • 23:50 - Is there an Open Edge connector?
  • 24:46 - Is it better to have one multi-billion record task or to split it?
  • 27:06 - Is it possible to resume a PostgreSQL task instead of running a full load?
  • 29:28 - How to capture DDL changes without a full reload?
  • 31:36 - How to improve performance from SAP to Qlik Cloud?
  • 33:14 - How often should Qlik Replicate be upgraded?
  • 35:21 - Possible to replicate non-cluster index AND where are parameters documented?
  • 36:37 - Can we give task level permissions to security groups?
  • 37:26 - How to apply non cluster indexes?



Qlik Replicate Headers

Suggest an Idea

Qlik Replicate Limitations and Considerations

TLS Support Documentation

Task Scheduling Documentation

Setting up Qlik Replicate in a cluster environment

High Availability cluster install process


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