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Techspert Talks

Here you'll find the recordings of our Techspert Talks sessions (formally Support Techspert Thursdays).

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Qlik Sense - Deciding between Feature and Service Release tracks

Join Arthur Lee, Vice President Product Management as he clarifies the new release policy and explains the difference and importance between our Feature and Service Release tracks.Release tracks

  • Why two tracks?
  • What is the Service Release Track?
  • What is the Feature Release Track?
  • Movement between Tracks?
  • Release Policies

For best viewing, we recommend you set the highest video resolution.

Q&A -Troubleshooting performance issues in QlikView Server

Q: Will install of 1.04 halt if I have 1.1 already installed?

A: Yes, it will figure out that there is a version upgrade mismatch.

Q: As I can see in the track list, the future release track will get no service release numbers, e.g. release 2.1.1. Am I right? So if a bug is in 2.1 I have to go back to 2.0.1 or 2.0.2

A: Partially correct.  The feature (not future) release track only get bug fixes on the .dot release.  So in your example, a bug fix for 2.1 wll be fixed in 2.2 unless it is a critical issue around security or stability.

Q: Is there a road map for the feature releases that you can share so that partners can better advise clients on which track to stay on based on upcoming features?

A: There is an internal roadmap that only can be presented by Qlik employees.  We are also working on other content for customers and potentially as well for partners.

Q: Have a question about support term. For example I have version 1.0 and I have updated it up to 1.0.3 will it still be supported for 1 year?  -  And the same is true for Feature releases?

A: All major releases will be supported for 12 months after the next major release.  So 1.x will be supported for 12 months after 2.0 is released.

Q: What is there purpose of FR and SR releases limitation?I mean support period. It was a table in the presentation explaining the support period for different releases.

A: << I don’t understand this question>>

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