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Digital Support

STT - Troubleshooting Authentication in Qlik Cloud

This Techspert Talks session covers:
- How authentication works
- Configuring your own IDP
- Resolving common issues

– Intro

01:06 - Authentication Workflow

03:37 - Setup IdP from Okta

06:41 - Setup IdP in Qlik Cloud

09:36 - Create configuration and Validation

11:42 - Recovery URL

12:13 - Importing Groups & Managing Spaces

13:40 - Troubleshooting expired Secret key

14:45 - Troubleshooting Groups

20:05 - Troubleshooting Validation Failure

21:30 - Q&A: How do we connect to users in Google?

22:02 - Q&A: How to set Azure token not expire?

22:46 - Q&A: Do we need to configure AD in tenant for multi-cloud?

23:38 - Q&A: Where is documentation for setting up SSO with ADFS?

24:26 - Q&A: Can multi-cloud use Google authentication?

25:08 - Q&A: Can the same license be used in client-managed and Qlik Cloud?

25:45 - Q&A: Where is documentation for setting up SSO with Ping Federate?

26:20 - Q&A: Can you login with Qlik ID after setting up 3rd party IDP?

26:59 - Q&A: How to map users from old IdP to new IdP?

27:33 - Q&A: How to setup 2-factor authentication?

27:58 - Q&A: Will Email Verified Override create duplicate users?

28:52 - Q&A: How to restrict access to groups?

29:49 - Q&A: Can we connect to multiple Azure IdPs at once?

30:17 - Q&A: Is it possible to use Azure AD and still have manual users?



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Using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) as an IDP for Qlik Cloud


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