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STT - Troubleshooting QlikView 12.10 Upgrade

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Potential Upgrading road blocks:
    • Security Policy issues related to FIPS
    • Orphaned services
  • Best Practices for rollback

For best viewing, we recommend you set the highest video resolution

Q&A - Troubleshooting QlikView 12.10 Upgrade

Q: Related to FIPS Security Policy, does this mean any server which is in US, have this issue?

A: I am not positive the setting does not exist in other language versions of the Windows Server OS, but it does not really make sense to me that Microsoft would put that feature into non-US-based OS versions, as from what I know FIPS is US Federal Government security policy.  So, to the other point, the policy is not active by default, an OS admin would have to enable the policy, but from what I know, banks, insurance companies and health care companies in additional to Federal Government agencies might have this enabled, but I would not worry about it, unless you cannot get the QDS services to run post upgrade, if you see the symptom, then definitely check on the policy first, as that could be the issue.  Again, the QDS servers are the only ones that need to have it disabled in that case as far as I know.


Q: Is expand all working in 12.0??

A: The 12.0 defect number is QV-1139, and it looks like it was fixed there prior to the GA release, so as far as I can tell, this should be working in the 12.00 track.  If it is not, please open a support case and reference the above defect ID, and we can confirm things and get it resubmitted if it is not working.  I will get this submitted for 12.10 as well, fix will likely be SR4 I believe in that case.


Q: We upgraded to Qlikview 12.10 a month ago. everything worked fine for a while, but since last week, i was not able to open the Qvw's created on my desktop on the server under my user name

A: The only thing of which I can think here is your Desktop client has reset to Personal Edition, look for that in the Caption bar, if you see it, you will need to get the license lease updated or reapply the QVLC license key if you have one.  That is the best theory I have as to cause of this one.  If this is not the case, please open a support case with us, so we can have a direct look with you at things.


Q: Your reload engine is down

A: Yes, this was done on purpose, so I could demonstrate what you will see when there is an orphaned service in the environment! 🙂


Q: See the red message at the top

A: This is the symptom of the orphaned service being in the environment and therefore the need to get those orphaned entries removed.


Q: When is 12.1 SR 5 will be released?

A: The current release of 12.10 is SR2, from what I know, SR3 should be sometime end of February or first part of March timeframe, and SR4 will likely be 4-6 weeks after that and SR5 would be another 4-6 weeks roughly.  Hopefully this helps with your planning.


Q: We have just encountered an issue. After QlikView server upgrade from version 11 SR5 to version 12 SR5. We have observed below:

indicator image and mini chart not showing (NOT WORKING) in table chart from Access Point using Full Browser version.

A: Please open a support case on this, so we can have a direct look at the issue with you to try to determine the cause.  I did just notice another customer with similar issue that one of the Techs asked me to look at after the presentation.  The error that was being thrown was a 500 in the IIS instance, so in that case, the issue is likely related to the IIS instance having a configuration issue as 500 errors are not normally directly related to us.


Q: But, the indicator image and mini chart do show (WORKING) from IE Plugin, as well as Desktop version.

I can send screen shot if need.

A: This is going to be something specific to the Ajax client in that case, likely something in the JavaScripts I would believe, one other test you can do is use the Desktop Client and the WebView mode to test there to see whether it works or not there, as if not, then it would likely be a bug, and we need a support case, so we can look into things further.


Q: The same app is working in another upgraded server.

A: Would compare the web server settings etc. between the servers and potentially the client files in Program Files\QlikView\Server\QlikViewClients\QlikViewAjax to see if you see any deltas between working environment and non-working environment.


Q: We are gussing that something we may have done wrong on one of two upgraded servers.

A: Not necessarily anything you may have done wrong, someone may have modified something at some point, and that cause an uprade/install to not be able to update a file properly etc.


Q: If you have multiple owners of the apps in the publisher, and of the apps fails, can we generate an email to that owner without sending email to all the people in the group?

A: You would need to use the Document Administrator feature in this case, as QMS Admins that are in the Alert E-mail tab of the QDS resource settings receive all emails, whereas document administrators only receive emails on those apps to which they are attached via the folder assignment.  Just a note of caution, changing source document folders after you have created tasks already will break those tasks if you change the paths etc.  If you do not have too many tasks, it should not be a big problem to recreate, or what you could do is create the new folders and copy the existing apps from there to the appropriate new folders, then have one of the admins copy the task from the old folder over to the app in the new folder, I forgot about that option on the call, sorry about that.  Once everything is copied, then you could remove the tasks and apps from the original folder.


Q: 12.1 will read the 11.2 QVPR, though, correc?

A: Yes, the 12.10 installer will upgrade the 11.20 QVPR files to the new schema, but what you cannot do after that point is try to use those upgraded files back in an 11.20 installation due to the schema changes in the files in 12.10.


Q: Can we upgade from QV 11.2 SR 11 to QV 12.1?

A: Yes you may, I always recommend doing so in your test environment first though just in case there are any potential environment related issues we may not have found in our testing.


Q: Which SR in 12 is more stable to consider upgrading??

A: Right now the most current release is SR2, and that is going to be the most stable, but be sure to read the Release Notes document thoroughly and check for any known issues as well that may impact you prior to upgrading.


Q: What is the rule for how many QlikView engines you can have on a Server?

A: So two points I will make here, the QVB engines for distribution are the processes that run reloads and distributions, whereas the administrative engines are only used in the task creation tabs whenever you click one of the Open Document buttons in those tabs.  So the rule of thumb for distribution engines is n-1, where n is the total number of cpu cores on the server.  The catch here is if you go above 8 cores, you should really also increase the Desktop Memory Heap Space setting in the Windows Registry as well to ensure the COM processes have adequate resources.  There is an Article on this, number 000026361 that should prove quite useful.


Q: So Groups in QDS will help in assigning tasks to execxute on a specific publisher

A: Yes, that is exactly what this new feature is designed to do, allow you to designate specific QDS nodes to run specific tasks, so for instance, if you have a group of tasks which you deem critical to the business, you could setup a group with two QDS nodes in it, and then use that group to run those tasks and use the other settings to only allow those tasks to run on that group, i.e. all other tasks have to run on other nodes etc.  There is a multitude of ways to configure things with this new feature, lots of options now.  Be sure to read through the Help on it: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/qlikview/12.1/Subsystems/Server/Content/QlikView%20Server/QVSRM_Clusteri...


Q: What about compatibility between IE Plugin 12.1 and 11.2. AccessPoint 12.1 doesn't work Correctly with IE Plugin 11.2 and AccessPoint 11.2 doesn't work correctly with IE Plugin 12.1. We cannot migrate to 12.1 and upgrade 5000 clients at the same time.

A: I honestly have not tested things to see if the 12.10 Plugin client will run against an 11.20 server or vice versa.  Have not tested things in quite some time, but in the old days, I used to recommend updating the clients before the server, as that direction generally lead to fewer potential issues.  Ajax is the better way to go here, as that requires no client update whatsoever, and given Microsoft will end support for IE11 at some point, which will then be the end of the Plugin client, it would be best to migrate sooner versus later, so you do not get caught in a situation where you have to run an unsupported platform.  I believe the official end of support on IE11 is still a few years out, but we all know Microsoft is sometimes quick to change those dates as well.  I would recommend using a spare client machine to load the 12.10 Plugin client upon and hit your dev QVServer to see how things work.  R&D strive to keep things compatible, but there can always be specific issues you may encounter, so thorough testing is necessary to be sure you catch any potential issues.


Q: Does QlikView 12.1 run on MS Server 2008 R2?

A: Yes, you can always look at the System Requirements section of the Online Help to confirm which Server OS' are still supported, but 2008 R2 is still supported at this time: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/qlikview/12.1/Content/System-requirements.htm


Q: Is there issue with nprinting working with QV v12

A: This depends upon the version of NPrinting you are running, version 16 is only supported in the 11.20 track I believe, it would be best to check the Online Help for NPrinting and the System Requirements:




For NPrinting 16, check the download site and documentation there to be sure of requirements there.


Q: Any known issues with migrating to new servers as opposed to upgrading in place - 11.2 to 12.1?

A: I can give you some guidance on how to more easily do this, it is possible to copy the QVPR from the 11.20 environment to your new 12.10 environment and update the service URLs in the files prior to bringing the QMS service up in the new environment.  The catch-22 in this scenario is maintaining the file structures you have in 11.20.  It is possible to make changes, but that requires some further changes to the QVPR files to be sure everything knows where to find the resources.


Q: Where to find an official step-by-step guideline for 11 to 12 upgrade?

A: The only official documentation is the Online Help: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/qlikview/12.1/Subsystems/Server/Content/QlikView%20Server/QVSRM_Prerequi...  I would highly recommend you to consider doing a services engagement with either a partner or our consultants to assist if you are not comfortable with major release upgrades.  Another side note, you should always do things in your test environment prior to production as well, doing a direct upgrade in production with no test environment is a rather dicey proposition.  Be sure you have all the backups I mentioned in the presentation in these cases in case you need to roll things back to the prior release.


Q: I had the same issue you were having like tasks being queued and not running which casued us to rollback. Do you have any update on that?

A: I do not, and I am going to have to look into why things were not running once I turned on the grouping feature.  That actually came as a bit of a surprise for me if you did not notice! 🙂  I will look into it most likely when I work the weekend of the 25th this month, and whatever I learn I will try to put into an Article, and I will use the official name of the feature as a tag, so that should help you find it, but do not look for anthing before the end of the month.


Q: We have done the upgrade from 11.2 to 12.1. How can we downgrade back to 11.2

A: The one thing you must have to downgrade is a backup of the QVPR from the 11.20 environment, the QVPR cannot be downgraded, you must restore that from an 11.20 backup.  If you did not backup your other files etc. things may work, but it is best to have the 11.20 copies of everything when rolling back to ensure there are no issues. I covered the things you should have backed up in one of the slides in the presentation.  If you have all that, you simply uninstall 12.10, be sure the program files directory is cleared out and then replace the ProgramDate\QlikTech folders etc. with the backups and reinstall 11.20 SRxx and that should have you back up and running on the prior release.


Q: Is an Extra license required for multi-node QDS?

A: You just need to have more than 1 XS allowed in the license, the Lef feature you want to check is: NUMBER_OF_XS;8;; where 8 in this case means I have have up to 8 nodes or any combination of resources and cluster nodes that add up to 8.  You can check the Lef via the QMC\System\Licenses\QlikView Publisher and the LEF block there.


Q: Regarding the grace time - I'm assuming that no other task will be sent to that QDS while it's gracefully shutting down - correct? Or will it still be accepting tasks while waiting for the grace period to end?

A: Correct, apologies for not making that clear, I meant to do that, but it slipped my mind, so as soon as you hit the stop icon in the QMC, that prevents any new tasks from starting on that node, but any running tasks will continue to run until the timeout occurs or they finish on their own.


Q: Can Qlikview 11.XX open a qvd created with Qlikview v12.1 (rollback case keeping qvd 12.1)?

A: Yes, QVD files should work in either environment, I always recommend having the backup from the old environment if you have the storage to be able to do so, but if that is not possible, the QVD should still be fine to use post rollback.  The QVW files are the bigger risk in that if the developers use the version 12.10 developer client and use some new functionality specific to 12.10, then rolling that version 12.10 QVW back to 11.20 could be problematic.  Point of note, moving QVW files between major release versions has been known to cause corruption, so be sure developers update their dev clients whey you update your servers etc.


Q: When will you stop the support for v11

A: Please see the following link for details: https://community.qlik.com/blogs/supportupdates/2016/12/16/important-end-of-life-for-qlikview-11-08-...


Q: We've noticed that when you take a qvw that has been saved in 11.2 and open it in 12/12.1 then reload it, any objects inside containers disappear. What can we do about this?

A: Please open a support case on this issue, so we may look into it.  If you can attach an example application with the issue, that will help expedite things as well.  As soon as we can replicate, we can then submit things to R&D for confirmation of the defect etc.


Q: Any specific issue or new functionality with QVS cluster in QV 12.1

A: So one thing I did not get to touch upon during the presentation was some things I have recently learned about clustering both QVS and QDS, and that is a lot of the stability depends upon the storage environment.  If we have slow disk response times in the storage area, this is likely going to result in poor performance of the either type of cluster.  In the QVS cluster, the key files are the pgo and shared/meta files, as they have quite a bit of activity, and in the QDS cluster, it is any of the files/folders in the AppData path. One way to confirm things is to use Windows Task Manager, go to the Performance tab, then click the Open Resource Monitor link at the bottom, in the new dialog, select the Disk tab and then in the dialog expand the Disk Activity area and enlarge things so you can see the Response time column.  I would recommend setting sort on Response time to descending, as this will then show the slowest responses/highest millisecond response times on top.  If you are seeing things getting above 500 milliseconds for any decent amount of time, that is potentially going to create stability/performance issues in the cluster.  We are very dependent upon storage devices being optimized for high input/output cycles.


Q: Do you have a recommendation of a specific order to ugrade Dev, Test and Prod environments? Any impacts on QVW and QVD when running diff versions?

A: I might be missing something on this one, but I would always start with the lowest environment first, the problem in some cases is that environment is not a duplicate of production etc., so if at all possible you want to have a test environment that is as close to production as possible to be sure you minimize the risk of surprises when you upgrade production.  Regarding QVW/QVD files, the version formats are the same, but as I noted above on another comment, I have seen issues over the years where customers move things back and forth between major releases being problematic, so I would definitely not recommend QVW files be moved back and forth, but I believe QVD files should not post that much of a risk, in particular if they are primarily just being used for read purposes, but as far as I know, the QVD formats are still row-based at this point to ensure backward compatiblity.


Q: Uupgrading from 11.20.12742 to 11.20 SR15. get error "operating system not adequate for running QlikView Server x64" what do I check?

A: I suspect you are running Server 2012 or 2016, and you need to download and run this installer: QlikViewServer_Win2012andUp.exe


Q: Any best practises for NPrinting upgrade

A: Check the Techspert Thursday Community page for NPrinting sessions: https://community.qlik.com/community/qlikview/support/support-techspert-thursdays


Q: We were trying to upgrade from 11.2 SR15 to 12.0 SR 5, but we saw the error message "Qlikview server not found.verify the specify server exists" while doing Qlikview server installation. Appreciation if you have any idea on this

A: I would recommend opening a support case so one of the techs can do a WebEx with you to have a direct look.  I am honestly not sure with just this what may be wrong.  The installation log sometimes has further details though.


Q: Does the QVPR backup just relate to publisher installations

A: No, the QVPR is where most of the environment configuration is maintained regardless of whether you have only a reload engine or a licensed publisher, so it is important to be sure to back it up any time you are making environment changes, so if something goes horribly wrong, you have the ability to restore the environment to the state it was prior to the changes.  You can use the XML DB Viewer power tool to look over the QVPR, it is much easier to see and understand things using that tool, as things are presented more like a relational database tool in that case.  You can find the power tools here: https://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-5903

Actual tools download link: https://community.qlik.com/servlet/JiveServlet/downloadBody/5903-102-6-8497/PowerTools.zip


Q: We are on QV 11 SR 6. Which version we need to upgrade to

A: I cannot really tell you what version to which to upgrade, this is a discussion I would recommend you approach your account manager with, as they should be able to engage the proper resources to review your use case etc. and determine what the best release is for you.  If you want to stay on the 11.20 track, I would recommend SR16 at this point, as SR15 is about to go outside its patch window next month, whereas SR16 will be patchable until almost end of life in December at this point.  That is the other thing to keep in mind as well here, it may make sense to upgrade to 12.00 or 12.10, again, please consider engaging with your account team, as they are the proper resource to help guide you to the correct decision for your use case.


Q: Can we upgrade from QV 11.2 SR 11 to QV 12.1 SR1 or SR2?

A: Yes, this should not pose any problems, but as I stated in a prior comment, I would recommend doing so in test environment prior to production.  If you do straight to production, be sure you review the Best Practice slide on rollbacks, so you have all the key files backed up in case you need to roll things back.


Q: Is it possible to customize the title of the email notifications for Doc Admins?

A: Check the E-mail Templates tab of the QDS resource in QMC\System\Setup area.  Oh, and for further help/details once there, click the Help link in the upper right corner of that page, that will take you to the QMC help for that area, which will likely help a lot.

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