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Troubleshooting QlikView Server with the System Monitor 01/14

How to use QlikView for QlikView. Logs can be overbearing at times; use this application to quickly spot trends, problems, and usage in your environment.

16. January  2014

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Q&A - Troubleshooting QlikView Server with the System Monitor

Q:  Where do I find latest version of system monitor, I have 5.0.16 and it looks slightly different

A: The latest version of System Monitor can be found in QlikCommunity at the following link:

Q:  Can the System Monitor also by using using a browser by deploying it on a QV Server? I don't want to run QV Desktop on my servers.

A: Yes, the System Monitor can be deployed for use in AJAX or IE Plugin clients. It is a common practice to only authorize visibility for system admins.

Q:  Can we monitor what data has been downloaded by users in excel with this tool. we are using IE plugin?

A: If server audit logging is enabled, search for "Export to excel" entries and you should see server-side exports.

Q:  From the system monitor you can get the data access and all licenses, ie, I wonder how many there are and how many licenses are in use

A: System Monitor will show you Cal usage, session concurrency and some other user statistics. You might also want to check out the Governance Dashboard on our download site for additional license data.

Q:  Is the System Monitor Dashboard free of cost?  Can we deploy it at our customer side?  

A: Yes the dashboard is free of cost. Feel free to deploy it anywhere you are comforatable.

Q:  What's the difference between System Monitar app and the Governance Dashboard ? Is there any advantage of using System Monitor ?

A: There are many differences between the two applications. I suggest downloading both to see which best suits your needs. Chances are you'll find yourself using both. Myself, I specifically use the System Monitor to help troubleshooting and to keep an eye on system health. It is a very handy tool when it comes to watching system events unfold across the whole system.

Q:  I missed the beginning of the session.  Did you recommend a level of logging verbosity?

A: Since I have a support background, I prefer higher verbosity on the QVS Events logs. DSC, QMS, IIS, Webserver logs do not need to be as verbose unless you are actively troublehsooting. Logs accumulate over time and can be quite a lot of unnecessary overhead on your deployment. I recommend archiving what you don't need and/or only pulling in the most recent data (ex: past 30 days).

Q:  Can you get a task reload schedule from the System Monitor? This way we can see if there are overlapping task that might use resources while other task are running.

A: You can get a table view of chronologically executed tasks. You may also want to check out the Governance Dashboard for Publisher-related queries. It has some nice capabilities you should find helpful.

Q:  How does this app relate to the Governance Dashboard .

A: Please see the above response.

Q:  Can you explain why you don't want to exceed the lower working set limit?  I thought QVS didn't try to handle memory until the lower limit is hit.

A: Once the lower working set limit is reached, QVS gives the Operating System permission to use the page file (virtual memory). Since we are an in-memory application, this is likely to cause performance degradation and should be avoided.

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