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Community Manager
Community Manager

High Five - August 2022, Mayil Vahanan


Welcome, August! Another month and another opportunity to "High Five" an outstanding Community member. This member has more than ten years of experience using Qlik solutions. He is closing in on 5K posts, received nearly 2k likes, provided countless solutions, and always shows appreciation by liking other members' posts. He leads by example and is well known in the Community. It is a great honor to announce our August Featured Member, Qlik Community MVP, Mayil Vahanan. 

Mayil began his career as a .Net developer and, after a year, was allowed to work with QlikView (version 9) at Vernalis Systems in Tamil Nadu, India. His colleagues in Vernalis were Jagan and Celambarasan. So, he had the chance to learn many things from them.

Mayil tried to explore more things, so he joined the Qlik Community, where he learned more tricks and tips from legends like Rob, HIC, Stefan, Swuehl, Sunny, Gysbert, and Vineeth, and so on. Mayil wanted to help others facing challenges, which is when his Qlik Community journey began. By helping other members, Mayil found himself learning new things, and his skills were continually improving. In addition, blogs, discussions, and Qlik Continuous Classroom helped new and experienced Qlik users learn more about the software.

Mayil is currently working in Singapore. In his spare time, he likes watching movies, listening to motivational speeches, cooking, and chit-chatting with friends and family. He has a wonderful family and a son named "Sanchivan" (a 5-year-old boy). His motto is: "happy learning and always be happy".

Let's show Mayil how much we appreciate all his contributions to the Community by leaving a comment and hitting that like button!  @Melissa_Potvin @nicole_ulloa @Jamie_Gregory @emmaspickerman @MayilVahanan 


Sue Macaluso
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15 Replies
Community Manager
Community Manager

Congrats, @MayilVahanan !! Love your motto🤙


Wooow. Congratulations bro 🎉🎉🎉 well deserved 👏👏

Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Congratulations Mayil 🎉 🎉


Congradulations Mayil! Looking forward to learn a lot from your posts here.

Master II
Master II

Hi Mayil, Congrats & Well deserved!



Me too from your post 🙂

Thanks & Regards,
Mayil Vahanan R

Congratulation @MayilVahanan 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

A true leader by example! @MayilVahanan  thank you for all you do in the Qlik Community.  Helping others is what it is all about and you demonstrate that day in and day out.   


Congrats @MayilVahanan for your exceptional contribution towards Qlik.

Lakshminarayanan J
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