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Community Manager

High Five - January 2023, Youssef Belloum


Happy New! Wow, 2023! How the heck did that happen?

We are ringing in the new year by celebrating another person who stands as a leader by example in the Qlik Community. You can find him in the Community almost daily. He is always sharing expertise and helping others. This person has been a member since 2015 and has posted more than 3000 times! He always gives kudos on other members' posts and has received countless kudos in return. So it is with great pleasure to ring in the new year with a "High Five" for Qlik Community Champion Youssef Belloum.

Youssef started using qlik in 2015 as part of his job, and he naturally started using the Community whenever he was technically stuck. He was always impressed by the involvement and efficiency of other members. The trigger for Youssef's change from a Community consumer guy to a Community contributor guy was the day he had a technical interview with a qlik developer (he is an actual MVP now, OMAR BEN SELEM). Omar was already certified and just beginning his career. He told Youssef that he was a daily contributor to the Community to help people and to learn. At first, it was a pleasure to help, and Youssef quickly understood that it would be his continuous classroom, as the level of expertise is so high. It was then he started to learn and help every day. His goal is to earn the status of Qlik Community MVP! Fun fact, His Qlik hero is Rob Wunderlich.

Youseff is Tunisian and moved to Paris, France, in 2017 to work as a Qlik consultant for large French groups (Valeo, Crédit-Agricole, Total, BPI France). He spent almost the whole year in France, traveling to discover Europe and sometimes to other continents. Each summer, he returns home to Tunisia to spend a month enjoying the sea and fishing trips with his father. Youssef loves video games and cinema. Youseff would love the opportunity to attend QlikWorld.

Let's show Youseff our appreciation for his contributions and leadership in the Qlik Community by giving him a LIKE and a COMMENT. @YoussefBelloum @Melissa_Potvin @Jamie_Gregory @nicole_ulloa @Terrenee03 @emmaspickerman @ @rwunderlich 

Sue Macaluso
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Congratulations @YoussefBelloum ! Happy new year - to all!

... Fun fact, His Qlik hero is Rob Wunderlich.

'Fun fact'...🤔

Fun fact is Rob is also one of my heroes. 🙂


What better way to start the year than to be chosen here for this article. I can't thank enough the active members of this community, who are here almost every day, to give back, to make things happen.

Last year I wasn't really active like before, but I'm here and I'm diving deeper and deeper with Qlik 🙂

Thank you @Sue_Macaluso and thank you all community managers.

Happy new year everyone !

Youssef B

Community Manager
Community Manager

Congratulations, Youssef! What an inspiring journey 🙂

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Congratulations @YoussefBelloum !!! Have a great new year!!!


Former Employee
Former Employee

Congratulations @YoussefBelloum !


Congratulations @YoussefBelloum and thank you for being such a star in contributing to the Community and bringing kudos to other contributors!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Congratulations @YoussefBelloum ! you are a big reason why the culture in our Qlik Community is what it is.  It's the act of simply helping others.. something you do daily and this speaks volumes as to the type of person you are.  We are grateful for your contributions to the Qlik Community and the time you spend to build your Qlik skills while simultaneously helping those around you!  


Congratulations 🥳

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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

Congratulations @YoussefBelloum 

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