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Community Manager

High Five - June 2022, Steve Dark


Wow! Happy Anniversary to this program! June marks two years since we started featuring our Qlik Community members. Featuring a member each month is a way for us to shine a light on the people that have created their brand, members that stand out and are always willing to help others. This June, we feature a person well known in the Qlik Community. He has over 3.5 K posts, given and received thousands of likes, and provided countless solutions to our members. It is with great pleasure to announce this month's Featured Member, Qlik Community MVP, and Luminary Alumni, Steve Dark!

Steve's Qlik journey started in 2009 when he worked for a company writing a web front end to surface SQL queries in HTML tables. The company wanted to add a visual element to this and approached Qlik. Within moments of seeing QlikView, he was hooked by the ease of filtering data sets. His employer became a Qlik partner, and then, within months, he left to be an independent Qlik consultant. He thought it best to leave his old code base and do QlikView full time. The company he formed, Quick Intelligence (, is still going strong today.

Steve has always liked how the Qlik Community has been a focal point for all things Qlik, rather than discussions spread over a myriad of sites. As he was learning QlikView, he leaned on the expertise found on the forums and sees his contributions today as paying back that debt, which set him on his current path. Meeting Qlik legends that Steve learned from in the early days has been the highlight of being recognized as a Qlik Community MVP and Luminary.

Beyond Qlik Community, Steve also authors a blog ( on all things Qlik, where he tries to give solutions to problems people may not even realize they have. This includes sharing example apps ( for QlikView and Qlik Sense. More recently, Steve has been developing a free-to-download template application, which he calls the Instant Sense Application ( - this has a user-configurable interface that can run over any dataset. The main driver behind this application is to allow people to build proof-of-concept apps very quickly to best show off Qlik's analytic capabilities.

Outside of his Qlik life, Steve enjoys listening to music and getting out to see bands play live. His favorite album of the past couple of years is New Long Leg by Dry Cleaning (, which has soundtracked the creation of many dashboards over the past year!

Let’s show Steve some love! Give him a “High Five” by leaving a comment and hitting the like button.    @stevedark @Melissa_Potvin @Jamie_Gregory @nicole_ulloa 

Let's show our apprec


Sue Macaluso
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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

Thank you @Sue_Macaluso and your team for choosing me for this honour. I am going to have to try and find some more time to post here over the next month. A four day weekend in the UK may help with that...

Thanks also to those who were around on the Community back in 2009, who got me started on this journey, and to all those who set challenges on here to get my grey matter working!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Congratulations, @stevedark!

Help users find answers! Don't forget to mark a correct resolution 🙂

Congratulations @stevedark !

I have appreciated both your contributions in the Qlik Community, but also on you blog and elsewhere over the years. 

Enjoy your long weekend!



Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

Congratulations @stevedark, You are a true legend.

Please remember to hit the 'Like' button and for helpful answers and resolutions, click on the 'Accept As Solution' button. Cheers!

Congratulations @@stevedar! Your blog looks like a fantastic resource too.


Cheers @stevedark ! Well deserved!


Well done @stevedark !


Congratulations, @stevedark! Well deserved!!

Thanks & Regards, Mayil Vahanan R
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