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    select dates



      I try to filter a date between a start date and an end date .

      The problem is that I 've created a selection list and choose the dates, you must click on all appropriate dates.

      My goal is to select a start date of January 1 and end date to 31 January to have all the dates between 1 and 31 January .

      Is it possible in QlikView ?

      If so , how?

      Thank you

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          Michael Solomovich

          You can do it by using two variables, for example vStart and vEnd, and an action that can be assigned to a variable change or to a button.  User enters Start and End dates in the input boxes (or calendar objects if you prefer), and clicks the button.  Action will be "Select in Field"
          Field:                   Date

          Search String:    = '>=$(=date(vStart))<=$(=date(vEnd))'

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              Thank you Michael

              I have some questions :

              1) vStart and vEnds are defined in an input box? If so, how created because I have never used an input box .

              If it is defined in the script , what is the appropriate formula knowing that vStart and vEnd are variables of a field called "Date"

              2 ) Where is defined the following formula = ' > = $ ( = date ( vStart ) ) < = $ ( = date ( sells ) )' ?

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                  Michael Solomovich

                  1. Yes.  There are multiple ways to create variables, but since you have to create input box, you can define them right there.  There is button "new variable" in the properties.
                  2. In the button properties - see Actions tab.

                  See attached example.  You have to enter both dates, and click the button after that.