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    Convert all prices to one currency



      I would like to have one collumn with same currency in order to take sum. Problem is that there are about unique 300 material numbers and some of them have prices in eur, some in USD, some in SEK. Whole database has about 400000 lines and code for importing is:


      Prices: (Database has about 300 lines)

      LOAD [Order number],

           [Item Number],


           [Sales price],

           [Sales currency],

           [Po date],


           [PO plant]




      Sequence: (database has about 400.000 lines with materials in production)

      LOAD Sequence,

           [Order number]





      The thing is that I would like to see total (sum) for one order number (sequence). For example, if i select order number 00001 qlikview will extract about 50 materials from 400000. So, I need to set currency rate and somehow calculate all materials to one currency and then sum everything to see total sales price for one order. It will represent total order value acctualy. Basicly, i have extracted unique materials from huge production file. It gave me about 300 unique materials. Now I have to select one sequence that will give me 50 materials and connect them with prices in order to find total sequence value. The trick is that I need to convert then in one currency to be able to make total.


      Thanks in advance