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    QlikView with Internal and external users

    Tjeerd Wieberdink

      Hi experts,


      Currently my client has the requirement to build a qlikview environment for internal and external users. I have struggles finding the right architecture for this. These are the most important requirements:

      • The external users must be able to log on from the internet and are not availabe in active directory.
      • The external users are not allowed to use all of the server's resources. This can be risky because of the internet access mentioned before.
      • The same document might be used by either external and internal users.


      Currently I've come up with the following architecture:

      • 2 qlikview servers
      • 2 qlikview webservers
      • Daily copying the qvds from internal to external qv server.


      Can you come up with an architecture that uses only 1 qv server and guarantees that the external users cannot use all of the system's resources?

      For example (in case of 1 qv server), is there a setting that limits the amount of resources consumed by the external webserver of the qlikview server?

      This way we dont need to copy the qvds and it is cheaper of course...


      Thanks in advance!