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    Google Maps - Heatmap

    Alexander Karlsson

      Google Maps Extension with Heatmap support.


      QlikTech takes no responsibility for any code and QlikTech Support Agreement does not cover issues with this extension.

      Please review Googles license agreement before you put this into production.


      Big thanks to pablolabbe for contributing to the project.


      mindspank/GoogleMaps-Heatmap-QV11 · GitHub



      A new addition to the Google Maps family. This extensions will take your data points and produce a heatmap on top of a Google Map.

      A good tool easily spot areas with higher intensity of data points. There is no selection support for this extension has there is no markers available at the moment.


      You can either use the extension 'as is' or use it as a base to further customize it to fit your needs.




      Finally tracked down the errors when you tried to pass in faulty data.

      Less DOM-calls.



      Added a check that QV passes valid data points to Google. If you are passing an invalid data point it will log it to the console in your browser.

      Also enabled weighted data points. Now the weight if your data point in the heatmap will correspond to your expression value. If you want equal weight between the points, e.g the original heatmap where the number of data points determined your heat level, set a arbitrary value of =1


      If you build something awesome please share it with the community!

      Live long and prosper.

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