Qlikview Server

    Qlikview Server

    Qlikview Server ensures a single version of the truth across an organization. It provides a simple

    way to ensure that everyone has access to the latest data and analysis. Qlikview Server delivers

    enterprise manageability with role based administration to ensure that only those who have

    permissions to use data can access it. Qlikview Server plugs into existing security infrastructures to keep

    data fully protected.

    Users can access app hosted on Qlikview Server through any of the Windows, browser, or

    mobile Qlikview clients. Administrators manage Qlikview Server with the web-based Qlikview

    Management Console.

    QlikView Server supports the following clients:

    o Browser-independent, download-free Ajax client

    o Installed Windows client

    o Internet Explorer browser plug-in

    o Apple iPad and iPhone

    o Android devices

    o BlackBerry


    Qlikview Publisher

    Qlikview Publisher ensures that the right information reaches the right user at the right time in

    the right format. Qlikview Publisher automates the data refresh process and delivers complete control

    2. Qlikview Product Family

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    over the distribution of Qlikview analytic content. Publisher distributes apps securely to the right users

    and groups and makes sure PDF reports go out on time. (Distributing PDF reports to users requires the

    optional QlikView PDF Report Distribution add-on module.)




    Hi...In the previous post I replied to your QEMC and QMC issue.

    Publisher is generally used with the QLIKVIEW server for the right information to right person with proper distribution and proper security.

    For example....

    If we have a dataa of Coca cola of 4 countries together and we have made a single application...

    than we use publisher in that case and restrict the user that he can see the data of that portion only.

    For example USA will be able to see his own dataa only..and so on.



    difference between QEMC and QMC

    1>One of the major difference between QMC & QEMC is that you can manage multiple instances of qlikview server using QEMC but not by using QMC & also there are sevral settings & configuration which is not possible from QMC like Active Directory setting,command center configuration,

    changing the database for creating QVPR(like from xml to sqlserver) etc

    2>QEMC is used when you are dealing with cluster of server and QMC when you are dealing with one instance of server.



    You can download your manual with respect to your installation in the download.qlik.com URL. Also you could find the same in the C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikView Documentation\Reference Manual path in your local machine.





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