FoxPro Connectivity via 64bit QlikView v11


    Within QlikView designer, attempted to create a new app and connect to 32bit FoxPro via OLEDB using 64bit QlikView version 11. 

    The ‘Force 32bit’ option was selected in the Script Editor before attempting to connect via OLEDB.


    Clicking ‘Connect’, the following error is immediately returned:  "QvConnect 11.00 IR has stopped working"



    Workaround was to use ODBC instead.


    First step was to check the version of the FoxPro ODBC driver installed on the machine.

    Searched  for VFPODBC.DLL (most likely in either the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 or C:\Windows\System32 folder), found that the file was

    On the Microsoft Download site, the latest version was 6.1.8629.1.  Downloaded and installed the most up to date version of the driver from found Microsoft:

    NOTE:  If downloading the update, make sure to scroll down on the Microsoft download page, to the very bottom, and download the VFPODBC.MSI file, do not download the VFPODBC.MSM.

    Installed and rebooted machine.


    Attempted to connect to FoxPro.  The Connect Script in the Script Editor was missing the DBQ syntax. 

    ie.  ODBC CONNECT32 TO [Visual FoxPro Database];

    Added the DBQ syntax manually to only include the root path to the database file (did not include the name of the database file).

    ie. ODBC CONNECT32 TO [Visual FoxPro Database;DBQ=C:\folder\rootpath];



    Was able to successfully see tables and proceed with building an app.