Sharing a Session

    Sharing a session can be done by following steps

    1.       Login to QMC

    2.       Go System tab

    3.       Expand Management Service

    4.       Expand Qlikview Servers and select Qlikview server

    5.       Select Documents Tab

    6.       Click the check box Allow Session Collaboration

    7.       Click Apply

    8.       Go to Documents tab

    9.       Select User Documents

    10.     Expand QVS

    11.     Select the QVW application

    12.     Select server tab towards your right

    13.     Select sub-tab Availability

    14.     Click the check box Session Collaboration

    15.     Click Apply


    Login to Access Point.

    Click the Share session dropdown available in the top.

    Click Start Sharing.

    You’ll get an URL, copy and send it to remote computer.

    Session Sharing will work.

    Session Sharing is only available from Qlikview 11 Server