OpenCPU, R, Google GeoCharts & QlikView Integration Example

    Here is an example of integrating with R using an extension and using the results to plot markers on a Map. This example builds on Sam Pena's extension and uses the data from his R function ClusterAnalysis to plot the results as markers using a Google GeoChart. If you wish to understand the details of the R Integration solution on its own, please refer to Sam's original post. It contains an excellent write up of the solution kit for integrating with R / OpenCPU.


    This extension calls out to the ClusterAnalysis R function on OpenCPU and returns a set of cluster values related to the Cities. Using the results returned a GeoChart is created plotting markers on the Cities returned and using the R results to enhance the data calculated by QlikView.


    • Average Order Size: metric calculated by QlikView. It is being used to control the color of the markers in this example
    • Cluster Group: calculated and returned from the ClusterAnalysis R function. It is being used to control the size of the markers.

    To enable the user to select the cluster groups they want to display on the map, an island table was created with possible Cluster Groups defined. This allows the map to limit the cluster groups without modifying the results coming back from the R function.


    The markers are being plotted using latitude and longitude to increase the speed of rendering the map.


    The Extension package comes with an extension QAR file and an example application QVW. The QAR file must be installed prior to using the application.