Define Your Pop-Ups

    Here i am updating this document to describe the way in which we can set and make our pop ups . I just got this trick from web i am just writing down and updating the document file here so that one can get the right thing at the first right place


    Let’s start with an inline table data load.





    Products, Sales, Price

    Electronics, 1000, 800

    Gadgets, 800, 700

    Home Appliances, 900, 1000

    HealthCare, 600, 400








    Step 1: Create a new bar chart with the following characteristics.



    Dimensions- Products, Expression 1- sum(Sales), Expression 2- sum(Price)



    Step 2: Navigate to the Presentation tab and deselect Pop up labels.



    Step 3: Goto expressions tab and add the new expression below the available expressions(Price $, Sales$)



    =’Sales :’ & ‘Rs ‘ &Num(Sum(Sales),  ‘#,##0.00′)






    Step 4: Deselect the bar option for this expression and turn on the Text as Pop-up & click OK






    Step 5: Edit the expressions again and edit the pop-up expressions as follows.




    & 'Price :' & 'Rs ' & Num(Sum(Price),  '#,##0.00') & chr(10)

    & 'Sales Margin :' & 'Rs ' &Num(Sum(Sales)-Sum(Price), '#,##0.00') & chr(10)

    & 'Sales Margin % :' & Num(1-(Sum (Price)/Sum (Sales)), '0.0%')



    Things to Know:



    Num() will return the output in numbers.



    chr(10)  adds non-printable characters into your output. This is a line feed that moves the text onto the next line.






    A good thing about this is, it works in a lot of different charts like pie, scatter, radar, funnel and mekko chart and a great way of giving users an additional information about the data that they are looking at.