QlikView Wall Calendar.zip

    Dear all,


    My latest quest for a simple and sleek wall calendar QlikView application has kept me occupied recently. The advantages were obvious: no paper, no ink, no writing, no erasing, no space restrictions; a modern replacement for the physical wall calendar. After going through piles of calendar-related material on the community, the majority seemed to focus on creating the calendar in the first place rather than the interface (how the data is displayed on the screen). I experimented with the calendar web extension but, after hours of fiddling with it, I found it confusing and couldn't really make it work. In the end, I set out to build my own and that's what I'm sharing with you today.


    Disclaimer: the calendar was not meant to be the QlikView equivalent of Google Calendar. It is not an enterprise solution and it has its limitations (listed below). However, it is effective in organising your notifications, tasks, and events in the familiar wall calendar interface without extensions and many lines of code.


    Credit to: Josh Good for generously providing the master calendar script here which I use in my application in a modified form.



    1. Simple. No extensions, no WebView.

    2. Colour-coded for easier use.

    3. Displays today's notifications and events in the left-hand pane. All tasks not complete yet are also displayed here (regardless of their date) to remind you that they are still outstanding.

    4. Past event and notifications are greyed out (except for outstanding tasks).

    5. Filters are only shown when they are needed via a simple button action. Otherwise, they're neatly hidden away.

    6. If there are more than two events or notifications or tasks they are grouped together like so: e.g."3 Tasks". You can see the details by hovering over the relevant area.


    1. No drag-and-drop.
    2. Any changes to the data need to be made in the Edit Script tab 'Data'. This includes descriptions, times, and locations.


    I hope some of you will find this useful! I'm sure your creativity will add much to the functionality of the application. Please share your experiments with the rest of us.






    P.S. I fixed some bugs in my original version. The most up-to-date version is attached here.