So can i deploy my qv-file in Access Point

    Hi Folks,


    This is my way of proceeding: so i can deploy my qv-file in Access Point. And it does work.



    Before you take Step 1 and Step 2: You Should go within of QMC (QMC = Qlikview Management Console) go to: Systems>Setup >Check your Qlikview Servers > go to Folders> Root Folders: check your folder ( folder where you save your qv-files and dont forget to change folders within your qv-files before reload) (Look ScreenShot : Step 6)


    Step1 and Step 2 You should rename your folder within of your qv-file. (Look ScreenShots)


    Step 3 , Step 4 and Step 5 (Look ScreenShots): Go (within QMC = Qlikview Management Console) >Documents>Source Documents > Select Your QV-file and Click: and go to General: Task Name: Give the Name for your QV-Document

    Reload: Perform Reload (Check) , Data Protection: Section Access (check if you use Access Section within your QV-file)

    Reduce: Reduce by Field Value / Reduce by Bookmark (You can reduce some fields within your QV-file)

    Distribute : Here you can add some User who have an access to your qv-file within Access Point

    Document Information: Select Category

    Triggers: Reload Time


    if you finished with Step 3, 4 and 6 : Go to Status>Tasks > Check your File > and Select Run (Status ) and you can see your qv-file in Access Point. (Look ScreenShots Step 7)



    I hope this contribution can help in this case

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