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    NPrinting 17.3.1 - Cache stuck in Generating

    Kaitlyn Wright

      Hey Everyone,

      We seem to be having an issue with our NPrinting connecting to Qlikview Server. (Separate Servers)

      Versions: NPrinting 17.3.1 / Qlikview Server 12.10.20200.0


      Background: we have a QV file that reloads every 30minutes - very light on data. We then have an NPrinting Pixel Perfect (PNG) being generated from this document - on the hour.  However it doesn't pick up the data changes.


      I noticed the thread: Re: Nprinting doesn't refresh the data around QVP and Local server connections.


      Local Connection - Cache generates fine (but obviously have the issue above regarding refreshing data).


      QVP Connection - gets stuck in "Generating" status. I think perhaps the string isn't right... just one QV server (no cluster). Is the logic for a QV server connection? qvp:// <SERVERNAME> / <MOUNTEDFOLDER> / <FILE>.qvw


      If the above is correct - what are the next steps to remove the cache generating issue?  We've attempted using the requires authentication however this presents the same issue.


      I can confirm NPrinting user is local admin on both servers, and can open in Server (as that NPrinting user) the Document on both NPrinting and Qlikview Servers.


      Thanks heaps in advance.

        • Re: NPrinting 17.3.1 - Cache stuck in Generating
          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi Kaitlyn,


          This is how I would troubleshoot this issue:


          (a). Make a note of the service account used to run the NPrinting Engine service

          (b). Make sure there is no version mismatch between QlikView Desktop & Server. In other words, ensure that you are using the same version (including SR) of QlikView Desktop on your engine machine as the QlikView Server version

          (c). Make sure that the mounted folder is Browsable

          (d). Do the following:

          On the machine running the NPrinting Engine, browse to the QlikView folder

          Shift+RMB on Qv.exe

          Select Run as different user

          Enter the service account credentials noted in (a) and make sure QlikView Desktop does not open as Personal Edition

          Click File > Open in Server & open your QlikView document

          Note the path & filename in the QlikView Desktop header and use that in the NPrinting Connection settings

          HTH - Daniel..