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Qlik Deployment Framework 1.7.0

Qlik Deployment Framework 1.7.0 released

QDF 1.7.0 have now been released after a long test period (thanks everyone that helped out). This new version includes QlikView Components (QVC) library as an optional module (thanks rwunderlich‌) using the Deploy Tool.


You now have the possibility to select between three container layouts. This mean that QDF Deploy tool extracts different container layout (folders) depending on the selection done in the Container Type Selector. The different settings and correlating layout are presented below.

  • Classic Container (default)
  • Qlik Sense Only everything related to QlikView have been removed, for example Application and mart folders. Extract, Transform, Load folders have been added under the QVD structure.
  • Slimmed Down is intended for smaller deployments and several folders have been removed. Extract, Transform, Load folders have been added under the QVD structure.

Additional enhancement is Global Variable cache during initiation, to speed-up initiation especially during debug, Also the documentation have been updates, for full enhancement list please read the release notes (Version1.7.0.txt) inside the framework.

Download QDF Deploy Tool here on GitHub Releases

2 Replies

Is there any QDF documentation on integrating the QVC scripts?

I see that it is integrated into the 99.LoadAll.qvs but is that it? 

Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

You don't have to do anything to include the QVC library. You can use the QVC routines as you normally would use QVC.  To get the documentation on QVC routines, download the QVC release package from here

Releases · RobWunderlich/Qlikview-Components · GitHub

and unzip.