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How to hide a qlikview object


I need to hide a few QlikView objects from the application until we have worked out a few kinks. I dont want to conditionally show the objects I literally just want to hide them the entire time. Is this possible?

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Re: How to hide a qlikview object

HI Lindsay,

If you set the show/hide condition to something that is alway false (e.g. 1=0) the the object will always remain hidden.  To unhide it then you will need to go to the document properties and unhide the object.

Note you may find it easier to put theses objects on one sheet and then just hide the sheet so you can more easily hide/unhide as needed.



Re: How to hide a qlikview object

I think Josh meant set the condition to something that is false eg 0.



Re: How to hide a qlikview object

Thanks for catching that Rob. I've corrected my original post.

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Re: How to hide a qlikview object

I would still work with a conditional show.

If you do not want to add a conditional show to all the objects you are making, use a sheet, add all the objects to that sheet and hide that. Edit: I now see that's what Josh also wrote... my bad.

Alternatively, work with a development environment and a production environment or (if you don't have that) make a copy of the document and only show the document without those objects to your end-users.

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Re: How to hide a qlikview object

I have a couple of sheets that I want to see in Development but not Production (the server). One of those sheets I name "Parking" which is where I put objects not ready for Prod.

I use this conditional show expression on my "Development only" sheets:


That will return True when the document is opened from the file system, False when opened from Access Point. Therefore automatically hidden in Production but available in Dev.




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