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Modifying a dimension in master

I am fairly new to QLIK and have something I can not find out.

I have a database that has all the municipalities in the Netherlands with the number of inhabitants. I would like to make a dimension that only holds the municipalities that have more than 100.000 inhabitants. I think I need to use a set modifier but I can't find out how use these with dimensions instead of measures?

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Re: Modifying a dimension in master

Method 1 - Script:

Load ... From Municipalities Where Inhabitants > 100000 ;

Method 2 - If statement in list box:

Aggr(If(Sum(Inhabitants)>100000, Only(Municipality)), Municipality)

Method 3 - Set analysis in list box:

Aggr(Only({1<Inhabitants={">100000"}>} Municipality)), Municipality)


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Re: Modifying a dimension in master

Thnx! it works.

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