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Realtime Design Problem


I am facing design problem .. Below are the sample design which need to be designed in Qlikview . So can anyone help me out in these desgines

In the attached file:


When i am trying to design the drop down using Multibox i am getting the column name along with the drop down . So can anyone tell me how to hide the column name and just get the drop down only.\

Fig2 & Fig3:

Can anyone tell me how to desgin it.


How to get the range on the x-axis and split between the ranges.(As shown in the fig4)

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I don't have the entire answer, but I think you can create Figure 3 using a Scatter Chart.  Or perhaps using several Gauge Charts or even Pie Charts.  To create Figure 4 you can investigate the Mekko Chart possibly. 

I hope these send you in the right direction.


1 replace col name with a blank (don't think you can hide) and shrink

2 seems like a bullet chart (extension)

Re: Bullet Chart Extension Redux


Another way of creating the bullet chart, if you don't want to use extensions (local applications), would be to use two charts, a gauge and a bar chart and place them one on the top of the other, make them look like this.

Here you can get more information:

How to Create Bullet Charts / Graphs

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thanks sir..

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thanks you...

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